Panoptx Diablo CV  -  Sunglasses: Reveiws

Panoptx Diablo CV – Sunglasses: Reviews

Panoptx Diablo CV  -  Sunglasses: Reveiws

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Why They’re CoolNo matter how hard the cold wind blows, your eyeballs won’t mind, sheltered by removable, round-the-eye foam pieces that close the gap between shades and face. The double-pane poly lenses allow the inner surface to rise to your temperature, so there’s no steaming up. » Wide-range photochromic tinting (17-50 percent of light blocked) means the rosy-tint lenses take care of changing brightness. » Telescopic temples adjust for the best fit.

Hmmm . . .Not everyone will like the deranged-geek look.


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