Revo 3065 - Sunglasses: Reviews

Revo 3065 – Sunglasses: Reviews

Revo 3065 - Sunglasses: Reviews

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Like the Costa del Mars, these polarized, oleophobic shades prove that optically ground glass is still tops. And with the signature blue-flash mirroring of Revo’s premium J6 lenses, the cognoscenti will know what you’re wearing a block away. This unit’s stylishly wide temples actually provide nice side protection and squeeze in enough for so-so security. But this is more sportif than sportsworthy, so the sell here is superior optics for all those endeavors in which you’re not likely to catch a stick in the eye: convertible cruising, beach bumming, alfresco dining. If the going doesn’t get too rough, the view is sumptuous.

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