Revo Guide Sunglasses
Revo Guide Sunglasses (Courtesy of Revo)

Revo Guide Sunglasses

Revo Guide Sunglasses

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THE SELL: Big sunglasses for big water, with new nautical lens technology. THE TEST: Ahoy, and welcome back, Revo! The once-great shades maker has come out of a long nap and gotten seriously innovative and sporty. Revo’s dark gray polarized poly lenses, with blue mirroring, are tint-perfect for bright sun on open water, and the lens coating sheds water and oil (as in sunblock). The Guide is something of a sea monster: big lenses in big frames that fit big heads. Think of them as the thug you hire to fend off light and wind. THE VERDICT: Superb for their intended element and, compared with other yachtie shades, not tragically dorky.
Value: 4
Performance: 4
Look: 3

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