Rudy Project Kalyos - Sunglasses
(Mark Wiens)

Rudy Project Kalyos – Sunglasses: Reviews

Rudy Project Kalyos - Sunglasses

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Combat-ready shades? Who knew? Rudy borrows military technology from Apache attack-helicopter windshields to fashion eyewear for troops, and puts the same supersubstance, ImpactX, into the Kalyos. The polarized photochromic lenses, in color-neutral gray, have optics as braggable as their toughness, taking you from medium-bright conditions to full-on sizzling sun, with a glareless view that’s spectacularly sharp. Runners will love these shades for comfort and lightness, as will go-fast roadies. Only full-on goggles give more wind and sun protection.

Bonus: For prescription wearers, Ben Franklin–style adapter specs ($65) snap in behind the lenses.

Bummer: Stylish in le peloton but a bit jackassical in town.

From Outside Magazine, April/May 2021 Lead Photo: Mark Wiens

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