Smith Scientist Sunglasses
Smith Scientist Sunglasses (Courtesy of Smith)

Smith Scientist Sunglasses

Smith Scientist Sunglasses

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THE SELL: Geek-chic fashion with superfine glass lenses. THE TEST: The best poly gets close, but glass still rules, optically speaking. Smith’s lightweight polarized lenses prove the point: you see more and better. The gray tint we tested perfectly suits the kind of sun-soaked light adventuring that wearing glass restricts you to (stroll, bro, but don’t scramble, in the event that you face-plant). The look here harks back to shades favored by the pocket-protector set years ago. It’s subtle—and blessedly free of hipster retro irony. THE VERDICT: Sharp looker with the best optics in this bunch. But glass lenses mean you’ll need other shades for serious play.
Value: 4
Performance: 2
Look: 4.5

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