Sports Therapy: Ice Your Injury With Trigger Point’s Cold Roller


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Sitting for three or more hours a day can take years off of your life. When you're active, you won't lose years, but an occasional bump, bruise or sprain can keep you off your bike, out of your running shoes or off the slopes.

Trigger Point makes lots of sports therapy gear to help active people heal injuries faster and keep their muscles elastic, like the Grid, a hollow foam roller that rolls out lactic acid and other toxins in your muscles, and helps keep tendons and fascia, the sheath around the tendons, from getting hung up.

Trigger Point's latest sports therapy tool combines myofascial release with cold compression. The Cold Roller releases lactic acid and other toxins from your muscles, and helps restore tendons and fascia to health by icing them for recovery. The Roller simulates an ice bath without making you sit in a tub of freezing water or hold a dripping Ziplock of ice cubes on your sore spots.

Stainless steel construction transmits cold from the Roller's ice-filled core to damaged muscles providing targeted treatment. Stick it in the freezer, and when you get back from a big ride or hike, it'll be all ready for rolling. Available September 2012, $110;

—Berne Broudy