Under Armour Targets Young Women

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Under Armour has become a brand most associated with football players and weight lifters, but they’re trying to expand their reach to active young women. Their first attempt had a “shrink it and pink it” conceit, which, not surprisingly, failed to woo the ladies. This time around, they’ve changed strategy.

“Guys buy clothes to look cool or feel cool, women buy for different reasons,” said market research analyst Marshal Cohen in a New York Times article about Under Armour’s latest attempt. “A woman buys because the piece fits great and promises to be the best fitting or to help the person to stay cooler or drier. And women demand that the brand does what it promises.”

So how does the gear hold up in the real world beyond the slick commercial appeal of Olympian skier Lindsey Vonn in Under Armour’s ad campaign? Outside tested two pieces from the fall collection and found that they hold up pretty well.

Women’s ColdGear Reversible Full Zip: This is a versatile jacket for fall running. It’s got a long, lean silhouette, and its reversibility keeps the boredom factor at bay. Wear it black-side out, for example, one day, then flip it over to let your loud color show the next. (We suggest getting the black version with pink lining for maximum effect.) You can wear the jacket with just a sports bra underneath for those transition days from late summer to early fall, and you can add layers on cooler days. The full zip will help regulate your body temperature, too–very handy to prevent post-run chills. The jacket also has unique pockets that are long and deep; a good place to put your hands when it gets cold without having to mash your fists into a shallow space. You can elongate your fingers and let them relax, while your hands are covered up to your wrists. The deep pockets are also good for stashing sunglasses if you run late in the day and keep going until nightfall. One thing to watch out for: The zipper tends to make a lot of noise because it’s reversible, but you can stop the clickety-clack by turning it inward so that it’s cushioned against your body.

UA Form Fitted Pant: This is part of Under Armour’s All Season Gear collection, and we can see why. The pant is very light, stretchy, and highly breathable, so you can wear it comfortably while running in the heat, rain, and cool weather. It wicks away moisture well and feels like a second skin. It’s a good running pant for those who prefer not to wear tights–it feels like tights without all the clinging. The pant is well-cut, with a fitted, straight leg and flared cuffs. It’s got a flattering elastic waistband that sits at the hip, and there’s a small back pocket where you can keep your keys. The pant is a good combo with the jacket above if you’re looking for a lighter weight bottom to go with a more heavy-duty top for your fall runs.

–Aileen Torres

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