Repurposing your gear has never been so culturally relevant.
Repurposing your gear has never been so culturally relevant. (Joe Jackson)
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What Are the Best Halloween Costumes?

Raid your gear shed before this weekend’s party

Repurposing your gear has never been so culturally relevant.

No Halloween costume? No problem. All that dorky-looking outdoor gear you wear on the river, trail, and slopes can be transformed into a great trick-or-treating outfit—if you get creative. Here are four options you can pull from your closet or shed.

Wetsuit Ninja 

(Joe Jackson)

Slap on a wetsuit, throw a Buff Balaclava over your face, break out your old FiveFingers shoes (or Injinji socks), and be the best-dressed ninja at the party. This costume gets a little hot, but you’ll be plenty warm collecting candy. 

Drysuit Starship Troopers Trooper

(Joe Jackson)

Drysuits are expensive and super-specialized, so it’s nice to repurpose them once a year as futuristic alien-slaying outfits from Starship Troopers. (If you don’t have a drysuit, you can use base layers instead.) Add a cool helmet and goggles and the costume gets even better. Bonus points if you have a fake laser gun.

Adventure Cats 

(Joe Jackson)

I obsessively follow Adventure Cats (@adventurecatsorg) on Instagram (hey, it’s fun!). The feed is great inspiration for a costume. Put on your harness, tie into a rope, slap on a life jacket, paint on some whiskers, and boom: You’re an adventure cat, too. The costume takes a bit of explaining, but it’s a great conversation starter.

Jerry of the Day

(Joe Jackson)

Jerry (noun): Someone who misuses his gear or gets in over his head. Some of the best Jerries pop up on the ski hill (documented by the Instagram feed @jerryoftheday), so this costume is simple: Throw your helmet and bibs on backwards, wear your goggles upside down, and then walk around documenting yourself with a GoPro attached to a selfie stick. 

Need More Ideas?

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Lead Photo: Joe Jackson