Revo Transom Titanium
Revo Transom Titanium (Courtesy of Revo)

What are the most comfortable ultralight sunglasses?

Most sunglass frames give me a headache. What’s your recommendation for an ultralight, ultra-comfortable frame? The Editors Santa Fe, New Mexico

Revo Transom Titanium

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Sunglasses don’t get lighter than Revo’s Transom Titanium ($249; These aviators float on your face. There’s a reason for that. When the company was founded in the 80s—remember their classic Cat Eye frame?—Revo took NASA satellite technology and applied it to sunglasses. Every aspect of the frame and lens works together to create a powerfully aesthetic user experience, kind of like a Ferrari for your face. In addition to the frame being made of titanium, the arms have spring-loaded hinges and soft, rubbery grips at the temples and nose that become more secure the more active (i.e. sweaty) you become. The polarized, polycarbonate, extremely lightweight infusion-molded lens blocks 100 percent UVA, UVB, and UVC light and comes in graphite, cobalt, or bronze. It can also withstand high-impact hits from, say, gravel flying up from the wheels of your bi-plane as you try to land it.

Revo Transom Titanium

Revo Transom Titanium Revo Transom Titanium

Petite ladies: Try Zeal Optics’ extra-small, lightweight frames that come in a variety of styles. I like the fresh, streamlined look of the Contour Polarized ($110; wood-grain frame. Its polarized lens provides 100 percent UVA, UVB, and UVC protection.

From Outside Magazine, April/May 2021
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Lead Photo: Courtesy of Revo

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