Primus Gravity II MF
Primus Gravity II MF (Courtesy of Primus)

What’s the best lightweight camp stove for cold environments?

I'm hiking the Arctic Circle Trail in Greenland. What's the best lightweight camp stove to bring? Adrian Plymouth UK

Primus Gravity II MF

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The 13-ounce Primus Gravity II MF ($144; is a great option. Here’s why: It burns white gas, kerosene, canister gas, and petrol, so if you run low somewhere along the 120-mile trail, you’ll have a better chance of finding a refill from a local. Another handy feature: The stove has a low center of gravity and boils a liter of water in three minutes, which means your pot of pasta primavera won’t A) tip over and B) take forever to cook. Just don’t set up camp between a musk oxen and her babies.

Primus Gravity II MF

Primus Gravity II MF Primus Gravity II MF

Go even lighter and faster with Jetboil’s Personal Cooking System ($100; This compact, one-pound system (which includes a one-liter “pot”) will boil your ramen noodles in a half-liter of water with a click of a button in two minutes flat. Plus, it all fits into a compact Nalgene-size bottle for storage.

From Outside Magazine, April/May 2021 Lead Photo: Courtesy of Primus

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