Crux Climbing Shorts

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Outside magazine, August 1996

Crux Climbing Shorts
By Nancy Prichard

Climbing puts an unusual dual demand on your shorts: They have to be comfortable and nonchafing under-harness-wear as well as durable and functional outerwear. Summit Shorts from Crux Climb Wear ($38) meet the demand innovatively and fashionably. Instead of employing the industry-standard cotton/ spandex fabric, they’re made from lightweight, quick-drying Supplex nylon. The
relaxed elastic waistband doesn’t bunch up under a harness, and instead of typical side pockets prone to getting tangled in leg loops, there’s a small, hook-and-loop-sealing back pocket that’s accessible even when you’re strapped in. A triple layer of fabric in a quilted construction protects your thighs without restricting motion. And the women’s model has a discreet “G-Wiz”
zipper that runs from belly button to tailbone, making it convenient to answer nature’s call without untying.

From Crux Climb Wear, 15332 Antioch St. #216, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272; 800-469-4659.

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