XPORT Bike Mount
XPORT Bike Mount (courtesy, Performance Bikes)
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Do you know of any bike racks to fit inside an SUV?

I'm looking for a rack to hold a couple of bikes inside the back of an SUV. What do you suggest? A friend has one from Rhode Gear that’s heavy and holds two bikes, and because of the weight of the rack, it isn't necessary to bolt it to the interior of the truck. However, I'm not able to find it anywhere. Laura San Antonio, Texas

XPORT Bike Mount

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There are a couple of ways to go here. A company called Save-A-Load (www.saveaload.com) makes a compression-mount bar that fits between the walls of the SUV cargo area. Then, you can attach front-fork mounts to the bar. The bar itself is simply called the Bicycle Carrier and sells for $30. The bike mounts are $25 each. Graber makes something called the Kool Rack, which is similar and sells for about $160, with two bike mounts included (www.graberproducts.com).

XPORT Bike Mount XPORT Bike Mount

But, there’s an easier and cheaper way to accomplish this. Many bike riders who own SUVs make their own racks. You can buy two or three front-fork mounts—such as Yakima’s Blockhead fork mount ($20; www.yakima.com) or Performance’s XPORT Universal Bike Mount ($20, though often on sale for $10; www.performancebike.com). Then cut a length of two-by-six wood to fit across your SUV’s cargo floor. Screw the fork mounts to the lumber, and you’re all set. The bikes will sit nice and stable with that setup.

I used something similar in my Mitsubishi Montero for years, and now have a homemade three-bike stand that goes in the back of the old Ford F250 I use to rattle up to mountain-biking trails near here. Your total outlay will probably be around $60.

From Outside Magazine, April/May 2021 Lead Photo: courtesy, Performance Bikes