Fi'zi:k Arione Carbon
Fi'zi:k Arione Carbon (Nigel Cox)

Fi’zi:k Arione Carbon ($265)

Bike saddle

Fi'zi:k Arione Carbon

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Getting paddled by your saddle? The folks at Fi’zi:k feel your pain, and they’re serious about setting things right. The company’s new Arione Carbon is its latest effort to maximize comfort without dinging performance. New and notable is the woven-carbon Wing Flex shell, which provides give where you need it and stiffness where you don’t. The eye-candy factor—a soft, narrow, white carbon-and-fiberglass inlay running fore to aft—offers more style than substance, but the seat’s flat design and slightly wider nose help riders scoot into a variety of positions for optimal spinning and climbing, while longer rails offer maximum adjustability. And at seven ounces, the weight savings from this ultralight perch will help ease the sticker shock.

Fi'zi:k Arione Carbon

Fi'zi:k Arione Carbon Fi’zi:k Arione Carbon

From Outside Magazine, April/May 2021 Lead Photo: Nigel Cox