Bollé Vortex Sunglasses
Bollé Vortex Sunglasses (Inga Hendrickson)

Bollé Vortex Sunglasses

Bollé Vortex Sunglasses

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It looks fast, right? It is. Bollé gets sports performance right with this sleek race-ready shield. The photochromic lens tint, which adjusts to varying light conditions, deftly handles the low-to-middling brightness—think early morning to sunny forenoon, and mid- to late afternoon—encountered during most races and outdoor workouts. The single-blade wraparound lens is also tall enough to provide complete protection from light and wind. Yet with a minimal frame that hugs the brow line, these shades disappear when you put them on. Meanwhile, the reddish lens sharpens and puts extra depth into the view. With mirroring (a buy-up feature) to knock back glare, the optics are fabulous. The nut: see faster to go faster. The raked-down design says road bike, but runners will love them, too. Sure, the Vortex is seriously wrong for the low-speed real world. But so is spandex.
Value: 4 (out of 5)
Performance: 5  

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