Canon Digital Rebel  -  Digital Cameras: Reveiws

Canon Digital Rebel – Digital Cameras: Reviews

Canon Digital Rebel  -  Digital Cameras: Reveiws

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Why It RulesThe Canon’s 6.3-megapixel digital SLR for $200 less than the competition—blows away every other digital in its class. The pictures are that good. » Want action? The Rebel will reel off four 6.3-megapixel shots in less than two seconds, and because the autofocus tracks the rate at which a subject is approaching or retreating, I could snap crisp images of two deer sprinting through trees. » Canon’s image sensor is among the world’s best, regardless of price. It renders color and exposure with great accuracy and flushes data faster than other SLRs, so you can shoot more rapidly. » The 18-55mm, f/3.5 digital lens offers superb optics. » Even with lithium-ion batteries, the 23-ounce Rebel is lighter than its peers. » The auto-depth-of-field mode meters all objects in the frame and exposes ideally for fore- and background images, properly exposing your girlfriend in front, and Rainier behind her.

Hmmm . . .SLRs send light to the viewfinder—you look through the lens via a prism. That yields perfect composition, but it means you can’t frame pictures using the LCD.

*Expect to pay less than MSRP at your local shop.

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