Mountain Hardwear UltraLamina 32 - Sleeping Bags: Reviews

Mountain Hardwear UltraLamina 32 – Sleeping Bags: Reviews

Mountain Hardwear UltraLamina 32 - Sleeping Bags: Reviews

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1. Last year, Mountain Hardwear wowed the sleeping-bag world (OK, us gearheads) with its welded-insulation Lamina series. Even non-sleeping-bag geeks will appreciate this upgrade: The UltraLamina 32 is lighter (2.1 pounds) and compresses down to almost two-thirds the size of its predecessor.

2. Hardwear chopped up its synthetic insulation into smaller pieces. The new stuff (called Thermic Micro) compresses tighter and springs back faster—which allows the UltraLamina to use a bit less fill and still get the necessary loft. It’s also more comfy, draping around the body in the same way down does.

3. The benefit of welded insulation: With glued rather than sewn seams, fill doesn’t get pinched together to create cold spots. As a result, the UltraLamina squeezes even more warmth out of less insulation than traditional sacks. Welded construction also helps improve the shell’s water resistance.

4. Cup of coffee sounds good, getting out of your warm bag sounds bad? Make your joe without braving the cold. The UltraLamina’s dual-entry zippers allow you to stick your arms out of the bag so you can sit up—and read or play cards or boil water—without
losing trapped body heat.

5. Features include the most snag-free zippers we’ve seen, a stash pocket big enough for a headlamp and iPod, and a mummy cut that testers deemed just right—efficient, not claustrophobic. Warning: Most bags are optimistically rated—and this one’s no different. If you’re a cold sleeper, consider the UltraLamina 15.

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