Ibis Mojo SL - Mountain Bikes: Reviews

Ibis Mojo SL – Mountain Bikes: Reviews

Ibis Mojo SL - Mountain Bikes: Reviews

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1. The Mojo SL won this year’s award for one simple reason: It defies all categories and excels in every condition. It’s light enough to race cross-country, but with 5.5 inches of front and rear travel, it’s cushy enough for anything a sane rider would ever descend.

2. In cyclingspeak, SL stands for “superlight.” By strategically replacing aluminum bits with carbon fiber, Ibis has pared its already svelte Mojo frame to just 4.93 pounds, including shocks. Our complete tester weighed in at 21.8 pounds, lighter than many hardtails.

3. Ibis didn’t let the drive for light weight get in the way of aesthetics. With its swoopy curves and organic shaping, the SL attracted loads of covetous stares out on the trails. And the cool rubberized paint protects all that beauty from rocks and trail debris.

4. The new DT Swiss XR Carbon shock felt more supple on small bumps than comparable shocks. Paired with the proven dw-link design, which counters pedal bob and keeps the suspension fully active under braking, it delivered a smooth, fluid response, even on rocky terrain.

5. Our SL was decked out with a Shimano XTR drivetrain, Magura Marta SL hydraulic brakes, an Easton carbon seatpost and handlebars, and a Stan’s ZTR355 tubeless wheelset. In three months of riding, nothing failed. Ibis calls this opulent group WTF—short for, well, you know.

21.8 lbs, L; ibiscycles.com

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