Jetboil Personal Cooking System  -  Canister Stoves: Reveiws
(Nigel Cox)

Jetboil Personal Cooking System – Canister Stoves: Reviews

Jetboil Personal Cooking System  -  Canister Stoves: Reveiws

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Why It RulesThe first effort from a scrappy New England startup, the Jetboil represents a total rethink of backcountry cookery. A tall one-liter pot—aluminum, with a hard anodized cooking surface and insulating neoprene cozy—docks (and locks) to the stove’s burner. A ring of heat-conducting baffles attached to the pot’s base channels the flame precisely where it’s needed. » The result: a furious heat. Yank this combo out of your pack, flick the bomber piezo igniter, and a hypothermic comrade can have a cup of lip-scalding tea in one minute. » The neoprene cozy, with handle, stays cool enough to hold in the hand: Bye-bye, additional cookware, pot holders, and needless extra weight.

Hmmm . . .You’re pretty much committed to one-pot cuisine; sautéing anything larger than a shallot is awkward. And flipping pancakes? Forget about it. » The Jetboil complains when forced to simmer—this boy likes to run with the accelerator on the floor.

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