Julbo Advance  -  Sunglasses: Reveiws

Julbo Advance – Sunglasses: Reviews

Julbo Advance  -  Sunglasses: Reveiws

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Why they ruleThanks to light-sensitive photochromic tinting, the brownish glass lenses make an unheard-of plunge from dark (87 percent of visible light blocked) to the stygian depths of full-on snowfield blinkers (95 percent). » The Advances have all the features of traditional glacier glasses—flexible side shades, bendable wire-core temples, and lanyard—but with none of that retro young-Messner vibe. » You’ll want to wear them off the high ice, given their clean good looks, extraordinary comfort, and optics that make punishing brightness a delight. » Protection is primo, as is security, which becomes absolute when you bend the temples into J-hooks. This model begs for such frigid entertainments as mountaineering and skiing, but I fell in love on a steep hike beneath the Hollywood sign. » The low price only deepened that love. »

Hmmm . . .Because they aren’t polarized, the Advances aren’t for boaters and anglers. » The lenses are too dark for shade.

RX-ABLE?Yes. Call Julbo.

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