Nokia N95 8GB - Cell Phones: Reviews

Nokia N95 8GB – Cell Phones: Reviews

Nokia N95 8GB - Cell Phones: Reviews
Kevin Arnold

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1. Introducing the rare smartphone that earns the title. Most do-it-all devices compromise one system for another, but the N95 shines as both multimedia and communication device, with Wi-Fi, GPS, and FM to boot. And the intuitive setup makes operation a snap: Slide the panel up for the keypad and down to control audio or switch the screen to horizontal for viewing photos and video.

2. The price may sting a little, sure, but bonus features abound on this cool dual slider. The camera (which sports Carl Zeiss optics and an LED flash) shoots five-meg photos and 30-frames-per-second video. The audio player really delivers on sound, and the stereo speakers are, well, impressive. Result? Our testers often left their cameras and music gadgets at home—a first.

3. Too many hybrid phones are appallingly bad at actually doing the whole “phone” thing. Not this one. Quad-band versatility means you can take it to the ends of the earth. No matter where we used it—from Canada to Kenya—we got top-notch reception and lost very few calls. Throw in a quickly and easily navigated interface unmatched by any other device and we have a winner.

4.5 oz;

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