Ombraz Prove That Armless Sunglasses are the Future

And they're nearly indestructable


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No arms, no problems. Newly launched brand Ombraz designed a nearly indestructible pair of sunglasses that won’t fall off your head.

The aviator-style frames stay put via a soft cord made of a poly-cotton blend, rather than the plastic pieces that hug your temple like most glasses. The cord is easily adjustable and when pulled taut the frames sit comfortably against your face. If you have longer hair, you’ll want to pull them down to your neck and then slide them on under your hair to avoid looking like you’re wearing goggles. In the future, they plan to offer prescription lenses and interchangeable straps. 

The idea for the glasses came about during a trip India six years ago when someone sat on Jensen Brehm’s sunglasses, breaking off the arms. Brehm, one of Ombraz’s co-founders, jury-rigged a solution by tying the frames on with twine. He eventually replaced the twine with more durable leather, but never replaced the glasses. After receiving numerous compliments on the design he decided to take the product to market with the help of friend and co-founder Nikolai Paloni.

We've been wearing the glasses for the past couple of weeks and quickly got used to the armless design. They are incredibly lightweight and it's liberating to not have to worry about them getting damaged in our pocket or floating around in the bottom of a backpack. It's a similar, worry-free feeling to wearing a cheap pair of gas station sunglasses, except that these frames are equipped with some of the highest quality Carl Zeiss polyamide lenses on the market. There’s even a video that shows them getting running over with a steam roller and jumped on. They emerge unscathed save a few minor scratches. Jump off a cliff, take a class IV rapid to the face, bang your head around at a music festival—these things aren't going anywhere. Sure, you could throw a pair of Croakies on any old pair of sunglasses, but the Ombraz offer a nice sense of freedom not typically associated with sunnies. 

Plus, for every pair sold, Ombraz will plant 20 trees—which they estimate is enough to sequester three times the amount of carbon that it takes to create and deliver a pair of their sunglasses to your doorstep.

The company launches on Indiegogo March 23 and is looking to raise $25,000. 


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