Outdoor Retailer News: Avalanche Airbags Hit Big Brands

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Avalanche airbags are showing up all over the trade floor at the Outdoor Retailer convention, if not yet all over the backcountry (though stories of skiers and snowmobilers who credit them for getting them through big slides are certainly becoming more common).

A number of small companies are making them now, but at least one bigger brand is getting on board, too. Mammut is incorporating a Snowpulse avalanche airbag into it’s Ride Airbag RAS pack, which will run users a cool $780, plus $100 for the air cartridge and $50 every time they blow it off. It’s not cheap, but the pack has the kind of high performance ski and snowboard features and construction quality you’d expect from a brand like Mammut.

–Justin Nyberg

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