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We’ve spent the past few days handing out Gear of the Show awards at Interbike, the massive annual cycling industry convention in Las Vegas. From a cutting-edge road kit with built-in lights to a fat bike with a sidecar, here are our picks for the most exciting gear of next season.

Electronic shifting goes wireless

LCD lenses make multi-lens glasses obsolete

A dropper seatpost that’s easy to install and simple to switch between bikes

The fat-bike version of the motorcycle and sidecar

For gear companies looking to tell "real" stories through their marketing campaigns, there's really only one photographer to call: Emily Maye

Google's virtual climbing projects are getting most of the press, but Mammut beat them to the punch—by nearly a year

We give the big outdoor brands a lot of love at OR—and for good reason. This year, however, we also wanted to highlight the little guys.

If you want clean, safe water in the backcountry, this is the only purifier you should be buying

This may be the coolest car-camping stove we've ever seen

Columbia just reinvented the rain jacket, and it works great

Lighter, softer, and more stylish than we thought possible for a performance top

The portable shower has gotten a much-needed reboot

Gear companies from around the world released their brand-new summer 2016 products this week at Outdoor Retailer in Salt Lake City. We pored over all of it, and these five products—from a brilliant new water filter to a totally reinvented waterproof jacket—were our top picks for Gear…

Patagonia pulled on a thread and found migrant workers suffering under servitude in its supply chain. Will its disclosures prompt other brands to air their dirty laundry (or even look for it) as well?

Send us your submissions for a shot at glory! Fame! Or at least a free beer.

When filmmakers Christopher Smith and Merete Mueller set out to build a tiny house for the 2013 documentary Tiny: A Story About Living Small, they had no idea what they were doing.

Campuses aren’t just for college students

2015 Gear of the Year Winner

2015 Gear of the Year Winner

Electronic shifting, fat tires, and stronger wheels make the latest mountain bikes funner than ever.

2015 Gear of the Year Winner

Halo-bike technology comes to the masses at last.

The perfect gift for the love child of Ranger Rick and Bob the Builder is a set of National Park–themed Legos

The coolest, most high-tech solution to goggle fog we've seen

Waterproof skins that don't gain weight on the ascent

Turn any backpack into an avalanche airbag system

The Colorado startup wants to change the way companies make waterproof-breathable layers with its new core construction technology.

The brainchild of pro ultrarunner Mike Foote, this sleeveless running jacket offers more protection than a vest and packs down to about the size of a Clif Bar.

Lightweight and bomber, these are the shoe-boots you want when the singletrack gets muddy.

It may not be the world's warmest, but it is damn toasty.

The experts of light and fast branch out with a burly charger.

Eliminate goggle fog with such a simple fix? Genius.

After Lonely Planet's new owner hired a 25-year-old neophyte to helm the famed but flailing guidebooks brand, it was anyone’s guess as to which direction it would go. But new clues to the company's future may be found in this startling acquisition.

The abrupt move stunned the outdoor industry and infuriated climbers, but it wasn't necessarily a bad choice.

Unlike so many of its competitors, the ST2 is a purpose-made e-bike with next-gen features.

The Japanese component manufacturer brings electronic shifting to mountain bikes.

An adventure bike that's ready for any terrain

A taillight-camera combo warns traffic of your presence—and records them if they end up getting too close.

It's not all shoes and tents from the companies who hawk their goods at the huge outdoor gear show. These innovations are offbeat, but we (mostly) like 'em anyway.

We combed through the coolest products at Outdoor Retailer 2014 to bring you these six items—all of which cost $35 or less.

This small gadget transforms what it means to communicate off-the-grid

The most impressive smart watch we've seen yet

A breakthrough combination of extreme rocker and attention to detail

A tent that provides all the light you need

A funky design taken from humpback whales

Most technical ski gear isn’t made in this country—and it never has been.

The Idaho-based Shotzski's DIY kit turns those old boards into a Shotzski with this DIY Kit.

Fritchi Diamir Vipec's game-changing, two-piece tech binding with an adjustable release setting is the first of its kind—at this price.

Salomon Premiere 4-Part Splitboard is the first-ever splitboard that breaks into four parts.

The Skull Orbic H.I. MIPS tells you when it's sustained too many impacts and is no longer safe to use.

The Snowstrike VT has two lenses to accommodate different amounts of light.

The Fuse Uno is revolutionizing the way jackets are stitched together.

A user-friendly and safer avalanche pack.

The F1 Evo isn’t a gimmick. The boot weighs less than two and a half pounds, has so much flex in walk mode that you can easily bend your knee, and is allegedly as stiff as Scarpa’s popular Maestrale boot.

The BaseCamp is ideal for car camping or tailgating.

The most sophisticated fitness tracker.

The country's national parks aren't bastions of wild serenity. After all, there were more than 3,700 violent crimes in 2013 alone. But how much protection is too much?

There are quite a few cool kid- and cargo-hauling utility bikes at this year’s show. But there are a bunch of reasons why Xtracycle’s new Edgerunner is our favorite.

Now Shimano unveils the R785 levers, which are optimized to work with Ultegra Di2. Because they are electronic and not mechanical, the R785s are trimmer than their SRAM equivalents, with sleek ergonomics that closely match Dura Ace and Ultegra feel.

The Forefront is as lightweight and airy as many XC helmets, thanks to a highly breathable honeycomb-style polymer called Koroyd, yet it has the lower rear coverage and extra protection of an enduro-style lid.

This disc-exclusive aluminum frame takes tires up to 45mm, has internal cable routings to keep out the grit, a color-matched carbon fork to cut the rattle, and is built longer, lower, and slacker than your average road bike for fire roads, gravel grinding, and basically going wherever you please.

E-bikes and fat bikes are once again getting a lot of buzz at this year’s Interbike show. And while the e-bikes get faster and sleeker and cooler looking and fat bikes get lighter and more tricked out, we only found one bike that embodies both trends: Felt’s concept e-fat bike, which mates an electric motor from Bosch to a rigid-framed fat bike.

You love to read product reviews and research the hell out of every purchase. Here's what you should bookmark.

Folding kayaks have traditionally been unwieldy and heavy, mainly because of the rib systems that are used to create the integrity of the boat. Not Oru's.

The Key log, a nearly 12-foot-long, 60-pound synthetic log designed for rolling, is without a doubt one of the coolest products we've seen.

Zipperless outdoor gear like the PK 50 is (almost) a trend this year at the show this year

From the floor of the world's biggest outdoor industry meetup, we bring you the up-and-coming companies and products that caught our eye

So-called maximum cushioning running shoes, as the Conquest’s are often referred, are definitely having a moment.

It’s hard to reimagine the sleeping bag, which is why we’re so impressed with the new Backcountry Bed.

Outside reviews the best gear from SIA's 2013 Snow Show, including the Astis Mittens.

Outside reviews the best gear from SIA's 2013 Snow Show, including the Giro Combyn.

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Outside reviews the best gear from SIA's 2013 Snow Show, including the Rossignol Soul 7.

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