Red Oxx PR5 Safari-Beano's Bag  -  Luggage: Reveiws
(Nigel Cox)

Red Oxx PR5 Safari-Beano’s Bag – Luggage: Reviews

Red Oxx PR5 Safari-Beano's Bag  -  Luggage: Reveiws

Why It RulesThe Red Oxx guys, former military parachute riggers, are as intolerant of weakness in their duffels as they were with their chutes. To wit, this 2,400-cubic-inch bag is built to extreme specs—the fabric is 1,000-denier Cordura, the titanium of the bag biz. The oversize webbed-nylon handles aren’t just double-box-stitched to the bag; they wrap around it. Overkill? Probably. But I’ll take it. » The zippers are the industry’s biggest, hence strongest. And the swiveling shoulder-strap clips—plus the V-rings they snap into—are stainless-steel sailboat hardware. » The contact section of the shoulder strap is slip-proof injection-molded rubber. » Beano is the nickname of an Oxx owner’s neighbor in Billings, Montana, who loves pockets, so this bag has ’em on all four sides of the main hold.

Hmmm . . .Though I wouldn’t trade it for plastic, that boat hardware is pretty clanky.