Rudy Project Zyon Sailing - Sunglasses: Reviews

Rudy Project Zyon Sailing – Sunglasses: Reviews

Rudy Project Zyon Sailing - Sunglasses: Reviews

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1. Rudy has taken LCD-obscuring polarization down just four notches, to 96 percent. It’s enough to kill glare but also let you see the screen on your iPod, phone, etc. Developed for sailors who need to filter out reflected light and still read electronic gauges, it’s great for all watersports.

2. Photochromic, polarized, and Rx-able lenses mean anybody can play on land or water in everything from low light to searing brightness while their shades adjust from nearly clear to super-dark. Primo optics reveal wonderful detail and depth, even with a color-neutral gray tint.

3. Gales may howl and photons attack, but snap-on side shields provide incredibly complete protection from peripheral glare and wind. Even without the shields in place, oversize lenses ride close to the cheekbones, and the brow-hugging design shuts out overhead sun.

4. Bendable nylon temples and adjustable metal nosepieces tweak the fit to perfection. Though light and comfortable, these babies hang on tight. And moisture actually increases security: Hydrophilic rubber gets stickier when wet. For the roughest conditions, there’s a floating lanyard.

5. Stellar lenses aside, the rest of the construction is grade A, too. Every metal component is made of corrosion-fighting stainless steel. And the look is so sharp and salty, this ultra-techy performance number qualifies as street wear, especially in the optional matte black.

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