POC Helmet
POC Skull Orbic H.I. MIPS. (Courtesy of POC)

Skull Orbic H.I. MIPS

POC Helmet

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A helmet that can tell you when it’s sustained too many severe impacts and is no longer safe to use?

That’s the idea behind the Skull Orbic with its H.I.—or helmet integrity—system. Push a button on the back of the helmet, and a small green light will appear if the helmet is safe to use. The light turns red when the helmet is compromised.         

The technology works a bit like a traffic light system. The Orbic has sensors embedded throughout the interior that send a constant signal to a control sensor on the back of the helmet. When you hit your head, that signal is disrupted and the control sensor records the impact. Once you reach a certain number of hits, the red light will come on, indicating the helmet is no longer safe.      

It’s a pricey lid designed specifically for ski racers, but we hope the technology soon trickles down to other helmets in POC’s line.

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From Outside Magazine, April/May 2021 Lead Photo: Courtesy of POC