Steiner Peregrine 10X42  -  Binoculars: Reveiws

Steiner Peregrine 10X42 – Binoculars: Reviews

Steiner Peregrine 10X42  -  Binoculars: Reveiws

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Why They RuleA company that satisfies legions of birders—some of the fussiest buyers—obviously knows its optics. Focusing is superfast and precise, but not overly sensitive. You see it, you nail it. » The image is breathtakingly sharp, like an Ansel Adams glass-neg enlargement. » Though Steiner spec’d the Peregrines for birders, that’s good news for everyone else, too. Birders want true color; check. They need high light transmission for deep-forest shade; they get it, via more than 40 lens coatings and 42mm objectives. Even in murky light—a marina at dusk—anything I pointed them at, from feeding pelicans to partying yachters, sprang to life. » Featherheads ply their craft for long hours; the 25-ounce rubber-armored body—ridged on top, flat thumb spots below—is a pleasure to hold.

Hmmm . . .The folding eyecups will wear out faster than twist-out types.

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