Torch T1 Helmet.
Torch T1 Helmet.

Torch T1 Helmet

Torch T1 Helmet.

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Torch’s T1 Helmet, with wrap-around lighting built into the polycarbonate shell, has to be (groan now!) one of the brightest ideas we’ve seen in a long time. Seriously though, this helmet does away with those scary days of getting caught in after-dark traffic without a light. By placing the LED panels up high—as opposed to bar- and seat-mounted options—Torch ensures that visibility is less likely to be obstructed by traffic. And the full-wrap configuration of the lights means motorists can spot you from 360 degrees. The front and rear lights operate independently, turn on and off and cycle through a handful of settings (from solid to different blinking patterns) simply by pressing the light, charge via USB cable, and, with a rating of 100,000 hours, will far exceed the recommended life of a helmet. Best of all, thanks to sleek styling, the Torch T1 manages a modicum of style that other mushroom-cloud-on-the-noggin helmets miss. We’re also impressed with Torch’s lighted packs, handsome roll-top bags with battery-powered banks of light built directly into the fabric.

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