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What's the safest portable raft for wilderness travel?

What's the safest portable raft for wilderness travel?

My buddies and I are planning a return trip this summer to some rather large wilderness lakes in Wyoming's Wind River Mountains. Fortunately, these lakes have no trails around them, which keeps visitors to a minimum, but makes backpacking near impossible. We think we have the perfect solution: packable rafts. We've found two four-pound versions from Sevylor and Alpacka Raft, but wonder about quality on one and price on the other. We will be hauling these over 3,500 vertical feet (in just the first day), with off-trail travel, scrambling, and paddling into the mix. Add to that the fact we aren't diminutive representatives of the human race plus pack weight and we push or exceed the weight limits on many one-person boats. I hope I have presented you a worthy challenge, Sir Gearalot. Mack Johnston, Iowa

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