Going Places: Tales from the road: Telluride to Moab gear


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Virtual adventure: Telluride to Moab

Logistics: What to take

Living comfortably deep
in the backcountry

Gear-wise, you’ll never have an easier week in the backcountry than a hut-to-hut mountain biking trip. San Juan Mountain Huts takes care of the food, sleeping bags, cooking equipment, and maps. All you need to show up with is your daily cycling gear (including water containers), clothes for a range of conditions, and any personal

Given the light loads, some riders choose to leave their rack and panniers at home, instead wearing a day pack. This allows them to leave their bikes unweighted for any technical sections they might come across. Most do use a rack and small panniers or bag, though. A day backpack, rack, and bungee cords might be another good option, allowing you to choose where to put the
load at any given time. That also makes day hikes a good possibility if you decide to take an afternoon out of the seat.

Here’s the basic list recommended by San Juan Mountain Huts:

Mountain bike (bike, rack, and panniers available for rent)
Water bottles (at least three one-quart bottles advised)
Repair kit
Rear rack with panniers or pack

Waterproof rainwear
Long pants
Cycling or running shoes
Gloves (cycling and cold-weather gloves)
Cycling shorts
Long-sleeved shirt (synthetic)
Sunglasses and sunscreen
Baseball cap

Headlamp or flashlight
Personal toiletries and medicine
Sleeping bag liner (provided by the hut system)

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