Dog treats so good some of you tried them yourselves.
Dog treats so good some of you tried them yourselves. (Justin Bailie/Tandem)

The Best Dog Treats, According to Your Dogs

Show your pup you really love her with these tasty treats

Dog treats so good some of you tried them yourselves.
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This week, we scanned Amazon's bestseller list for the highest-rated dog treats, then pulled the best, most authoritative reviews for each. 

Zuke Mini Naturals ($5)


“Delicious. I know, because they smell so good that I tried them. They're a little sweet from the carroty flavor and taste a bit like a stew. The dog loves them too—she was so eager for them during training the first time that she didn't chew them before swallowing.”

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Old Mother Hubbard Crunchy Classics ($5)

(Old Mother Hubbard)

“I have a 13-year-old Golden Retriever named Maggie and she loves these treats. She has to have two cookies every night before going to bed. My only problem is she loves them so much that she keeps trying to move our bedtime up earlier and earlier.”

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Blue Wilderness Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Health Bars ($5)

(Blue Buffalo Co.)

“My dogs love these! I have also tried the apple and banana formulas—they love them all. These smell really good as well. The bars are fairly large so I tend to break them up and give my dogs smaller pieces at a time for treats. They always want more.”

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Wellness Core Marrow Roasts ($10)


“I try my best to get my dog good quality treats without grain and unnecessary ingredients. She seems to really like these treats and has to chew a bit before getting them down, which is an added bonus for dogs who like to basically swallow treats whole.”

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Blue Wilderness Chicken Wild Bits ($5)

(Blue Buffalo Co.)

“My dog loves these wild bits in the chicken and duck flavors! I take about three with me when we go on walks and it helps him stay by my side instead of pulling ahead. They are easy for him to snack on as we walk, and he will do just about anything for one.

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Lead Photo: Justin Bailie/Tandem

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