The FC 3.0 Child Carrier
The FC 3.0 Child Carrier (courtesy, Kelty)

I looking for the best backpack-type child carrier. Any suggestions?

I looking for the best backpack type child carrier. Any suggestions? Rudi Gardiner, NY

The FC 3.0 Child Carrier

There are several good ones out there, Rudi. Sort of the standard is Kelty‘s FC 3.0 Child Carrier ($230). It has a lot of nice features, such as a kickstand that deploys automatically when you set the pack down. Comfortable for the child, with a shaded hood and adjustable seat, and it has a decent suspension for parental comfort as well. It also includes little storage nooks for the things a little kid needs.

The FC 3.0 Child Carrier The FC 3.0 Child Carrier

Another good choice is the Deuter Kid Comfort III backpack ($280). Not dissimilar to the Kelty, but a little nicer suspension with a stronger frame, a bit better belt/shoulder strap arrangement, and the usual things such as accessory pockets and a weather hood for the occupant. Parents who have tried it say it’s easier to load and unload, too.

For a little more casual use—hiking plus trips to the local farmers’ market—take a look at the Sherpani Rumba Superlight ($160). It’s a slimmed-down carrier, with good features for youngster and parent alike, but in a lighter frame than some of the other packs. That means it wouldn’t be quite as comfortable for a long day, but for quick jaunts or around the town, it might be what you’re searching for.

Be sure to spend some time with these packs, trying each one on, loading and unloading your youngster, getting a feel for what works best. And then go from there.

From Outside Magazine, April/May 2021
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Lead Photo: courtesy, Kelty