J.W. Hulme x National Park Foundation

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 J.W. Hulme, the Minnesota-based bag company that's been making those handsome green and leather duffels in these United States of America since the turn of the 20th century, has made six exclusive items for the official charity of American's National Parks, the National Park Foundation. They're donating a “significant portion of each purchase” to the NPF, which, for the price of these bags, could be a good chunk of change. Or not. Who knows.

Minnesota is of course home to Voyageurs National Park, which is mostly water and only accessible by boat, canoe, inner tube etc. And right next to Voyaguers is The Boundary Waters, one of the most beautiful places in our country. Unfortunately it's not a national park, so I guess the sale of these bags won't help keep the loons in the area crying their eyes out.

Either way, tangents or no tangents, buy a bag. Or a Park Pass. Or volunteer and help build trails. Or, at very least, pick up your trash at your campsite. National park or backyard. See you there.

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