From The Lean-To: Miscellaneous Adventures


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If you're currently on the Outside Blog reading this, then it's more than likely that at one point in your life you've happened upon Dick Proenneke's Alone In The Wilderness on PBS. (Or you've seen it on all those blogs and Tumblrs on the ol' Internets.) My favorite part about Proenneke's adventures are the things he makes—which is basically everything—but more specificially, the spoons and bowls and forks for his cabin. Why? Because if I were to learn the craft, it would probably take me many many years to work my way up to a cabin. A bowl seems more realistic and relatable, but even I know that's far off. 

Andrew Graves of Miscellaneous Adventures lives in Sussex, making the bowls, spoons, and slingshots (!) that I wish I had the time and skills to make (and learn to make) on my own. There's even a Swedish drinking vessel, known as a “kuksa,” a piece that I've been using as my backpacking bowl for several years. Though mine is this plastic version that I found at an old suprlus store a few years back.

In any case, whether you're hell bent on bringing your Light My Fire products along with you on the trail (they break in peanut butter) or if you know how to do this stuff on your own, the video above, made by Hypebeast is well worth the three minutes it'll take to watch it. Because even in the backcountry, a little handmade craft goes a long way. ESPECIALLY when it's got polka dots. 

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