Nikon Coolpix S800c: Bringing Back the Point-and-Shoot


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Most of us have ditched our point-and-shoot cameras and we're taking photos with our phones. iPhone cameras are pretty darn good, and by using a phone as your
camera, you carry one device and you can upload pics instantly. Phones lack a
lot of the features of a good camera, but we’ve learned to settle.

Now Nikon has announced a device that means we don't have settle. Nikon's new Coolpix S800c point-and-shoot is a 16-megapixel, Android-enabled camera with a 10x
Nikkor vibration reduction lens that, like a smartphone, connects to the Internet instantly so that
you can upload pictures you just shot. It lets you edit images in-camera. It shoots full HD 1080p video. And it has a built in GPS, so you can geotag the spot where you saw that stellar sunset, and you can retrace your route back to the car in the dark. It’s a bit like having an iPad inside your camera.

“With the new COOLPIX S800c, Nikon designed a camera for users looking to capture stunning images and videos with a compact digital camera but also want to share their content with their friends and family in a familiar way,” said Bo Kajiwara, vice president of marketing, planning and customer experience at Nikon Inc. “Now users can connect easily and instantly with their social networks through the wireless connection, and take advantage of the vast possibilities of the Android operating system. The new S800c is truly the easiest way to share amazing images on the spot.”

Where we expect the touchscreen camera to truly excel: in challenging light. Not only is the sensor superior to that found in any phone, but the vibration reduction should make the camera’s images and video crisp and clear. The 25-250mm zoom gives a huge range of possibilities for capturing action both near and far.

And when there is no action, because it’s Android-powered, this camera lets you download games, apps or just surf the Web while you’re waiting. You can even watch videos from Google Play on your camera.

But what to do when there is no Internet? The Coolpix S800c can still wirelessly transfer pics to your smartphone or tablet so that you can upload them using your regular cellular plan. The only thing this camera can't do is make a phone call. Available September 2012, $350;

—Berne Broudy