The Nanopresso by Wacaco is perfect for campers who want an alternative to the instant junk.

Poles seem simple, but they're an important part of your hiking or backpacking kit. Here are our all-time favorites.

The Everyday Sling from Peak Design can fit a full camera body and two lenses.

The Rumpl Puffy Sherpa blanket is a skier’s best friend for cold-weather tailgating.

These are an absolute joy to use, despite some inherent limitations

Peak Design is known for its intuitive and feature-rich camera accessories and packs. Its latest is no different.

A solid budget-minded option, so long as you can tolerate the infuriating keyboard

The Altra Lone Peak 4 Mid RSM is lighter, more comfortable, and more supportive than any other boot I've tested. They're not stylish, but hey: Looking good in the woods is overrated.

If the shoe fits, ski in it

Like its predecessors, the Sawyer Micro Squeeze removes 99.9 percent of bacteria, but through a much lighter and smaller package.

These packs are perfect to tuck away for an adventure on a moment's notice

An extremely light and comfortable sleeping pad that is excellent for three-season conditions.

Excellent breathability and a welcome surge of innovation in the otherwise-predictable rainwear category

The Ruffwear Trail Runner bowl is a worthy addition to any dog owner’s kit

Jeremy walks us through the features of Trexad's Air Pack, which takes a novel approach to cushioning and support.

A crowdfunding project promises to bring smoother pack-carrying experiences to the masses

Gear haulers slim down and grow up

A dash of style doesn’t have to mean reduced traction

A product manager from the Boulder, Colorado, brand walks us through the designs details of an upcoming tent, pack, and sleeping bag.

The 42-liter pack stood up to more than a week in Yosemite's backcountry

These baby carriers will keep the whole family happy in nature

Osprey's new update was a long time coming, but it was worth the wait.

New versatile pieces for summer, fall, and winter

Altra's zero-drop, wide toe-box trail runners—which have become insanely popular with thru-hikers—are designed to mimic your foot's natural shape

We tested 29 models and found a favorite stove that nailed the sweet spot of being reasonably priced, simmering well, and boiling quickly.

Clip it to his collar, sync it with the app, and never lose your dog again

Dress up your backcountry wardrobe

During that time of the month, this pack keeps everything clean, organized, and in one place

Slim, stylish, and affordable—this pack is a great daily carry

The UberLite pad and Vesper quilt weigh just 23.8 ounces

Outside's Gear Guy, Joe Jackson, hit the floors at Outdoor Retailer in search of the coolest new gear under $50.

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Whether you’re backpacking or bike commuting, the Swedish gear maker has you covered

Women need packs that are just as capable as men’s—and they need them to fit right. Here are the best, most comfortable performers for all-around backpacking.

Besides your hiking boots, your daypack is your most-used piece of gear. These are our favorites.

Everything from a spare battery to a rainjacket

The Tiger Wall UL was not designed to break records. Instead, it tries to do more with less, while keeping in check its weight and price and remaining very easy to use.

A budget-friendly list of the gear you should—and definitely shouldn't—save money on

The sad story behind one of the outdoor industry's smartest hard-shell designs. Turns out, we were the problem.

We took a n00b friend into the backcountry and shot video

Lightweight and incredibly packable, the Flash Air is a complete, protective camping system for under $200

When you gotta go, you gotta go. These make it easier no matter where you are.

From finding an open site to tracking the weather, these apps will up your camping game

Give your wallet a break for just a slight weight penalty

Our writer spent years trying to find the perfect daypack. This is it.

Seven tips to make everything from your tent to your hydration bladder work better for longer

And how to know when it's time to splurge on a new pair

Rule number one? Resist the urge to overcomplicate things.

Ditching weight means going farther faster

Ditching weight means going farther faster

The latest hikers are as cozy as they are bombproof

Haulers big and small that go above and beyond

We’re all for traveling light—just make room for these

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Thanks to smart features, Hydro Flask’s Unbound Series™ Soft Cooler Pack lets you comfortably carry more than just food and drinks

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There’s a right way and a wrong way. Here’s how to do it correctly.

How does the new Mini compare to other satellite messengers—and is it the right backcountry communications device for you?

Keep your toiletries and accessories organized

Taking some time off after graduation? Here's all the gear you need to travel the world.

Here’s our comprehensive guide for how to choose the right backcountry shelter

There's no point in hauling one around if you're going to make these mistakes

From insulated water bottles to portable toilet-paper rolls, here's what our staff never leaves home without

These are my dirty, well-used, time-tested picks

Even when weight is at a premium, don't skip these items

Headlamps are underrated yet vital gear for living on the road

Show your pup you really love her with these tasty treats

After extensive testing and interviews, I've found that some of the company's two-way messenger devices can inadvertently call search and rescue teams

These pants prove that performance materials can look good too

For the photographer who cares about style and function

When it comes to daypacks, it's all about the details

A good general rule of thumb is to never drink unpurified water. Yet if you do, then use common sense first.

In the West, where it's stupidly easy to get scorched, it's best to show less skin. These sun gloves help.

At the Outdoor Retailer trade show last month, these seven standout hiking and trail running products caught my eye

Say goodbye to cement blocks—the latest crop of hiking shoes and boots is lighter and comfier than ever

The new Vasque Clarion 88s work as good as they look

Is Osprey's new "super ultralight" Levity/Lumina right for you? Unless you're a dedicated thru-hiker or gram weenie, probably not. But it's still pretty impressive.