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Utah-based Cotopaxi has earned a lot of accolades for its progressive approach to philanthropy, including its commitment to donating 2 percent of all revenue to nonprofits that improve health, education, and the standard of living around the world. In recent years, the benefit corporation has supported malaria prevention in sub-Saharan…

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This bright side panels give this boot a modern look, while the dark brown leather is a nod to Danner's classic heritage. A Virbram brand sole offers traction on both wet and dry surfaces while a GOR-TEX liner ensures that your foot stays dry no matter where you venture.

Foursevens’ new Mini MkII is smaller than a chapstick, yet pumps out over 1,000 lumens. And it only costs $40.

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From trailhead to summit, boots to keep your feet warm and dry.  (Under Armour) Under Armour Clackamas 200 Best For: Deep Snow If you tramp through half a foot of fresh every morning to get to your car, take note. The 10.5-inch-tall Clackamas rises above the snow, while its water-resistant rubber-and-canvas…

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