Scarpa Terra GTX Boot
Scarpa Terra GTX Boot (Courtesy of Scarpa)

Scarpa Terra GTX Hiking Boot

Scarpa Terra GTX Boot

THE SELL: Old-school aesthetics, new-school comfort. THE TEST: This tough guy has a soft side. Even though the Terra GTX is built for multi-day backpacking (with up to 40 pounds of freight), the suede upper is stretchy, not stiff, so testers easily broke them in after a week of light wear and suffered few hot spots. Breathability? The Gore-Tex-lined upper outperformed the other all-leather boots we saw, according to our team’s funk expert (code name: Stinkfoot). THE VERDICT: Given up on all-leather boots? This one will win you back. 19.2 oz;
Support: 4
Comfort: 4