SIGG’s New Bottle: Very Refreshing


One of my health resolutions this year was to drink more water. Should be easy, right? Except for the fact that I sit at a desk all day, and when the water fountain's out of sight, it's out of mind. I needed a water bottle, and not one that would end up in a landfill after the first use or one that would leach chemicals into my water. So I got a SIGG. Made with sturdy, lightweight aluminum, this water bottle works great for everyday use, and keeps my water tasting clean and cold for several hours. All this, and it holds a liter of water, so I don't need to refill it as often as I would a smaller model.

Before I get an uproar about SIGG's past with BPA liners, let me point out that SIGG bottles made since August 2008 are lined with a new EcoCare liner that does not contain any BPA. If you want to know whether or not your bottle's liner contains BPA, check the inside: if it looks metallic and has a coppery color, it's the old kind; if it's a matte, pale yellow, it's the new EcoCare liner.

No BPA? Check. Reusable? Check. Which brings me to my next requirement: Am I gonna have to take a hammer to my ice cubes to get them into my water bottle? Not with SIGG's new Wide Mouth bottles. The new model features a dual mouth that unscrews in two pieces, allowing both a wide mouth that fits ice cubes as well as the classic, smaller mouth for easy drinking so I don't get a face full of water when I'm trying to walk and drink at the same time (it's harder than it sounds).

My only complaint is that the Wide Mouth bottle doesn't have the variety of designs that the traditional models do, but then again, my matte-black finish and corrugated siding looks pretty badass as it is.

— Lisa Lombardi