Photo: Jakob Schiller
Photo: Jakob Schiller

Timberland 6-Inch Lineman Boots

The perfect mix of heritage, style, durability, and comfort


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When you think Timberland you probably think boots, right? From hip-hop videos to construction sites, Tims are ubiquitous. Our favorite pair from the company is no exception.

Dubbed the 6-Inch Lineman because it's inspired by the footwear of high-climbing electrical workers, these kicks are as beautiful as they are solid. Made from hand-stained Horween leather, they have that old-school heritage look, and will likely last a lifetime. If one part wears out, no sweat: Timberland built them so they’re easy to repair. 

Bonus: unlike some work boots that forgo comfort for durability, the Lineman should be nice to your feet, thanks to memory foam in the sole.


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