Timberland Alpine Trail  -  Day Hiking Shoes: Reveiws
(Clay Ellis)

Timberland Alpine Trail – Day Hiking Shoes: Reviews

Timberland Alpine Trail  -  Day Hiking Shoes: Reveiws

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Why They’re CoolDefying their given name, the two-pound-12-ounce Alpine Trails are great warm-weather boots, with breathable all-leather construction and no waterproof lining. » The high-topped uppers fended off whistling-thorn acacia in Tanzania’s Selous Game Reserve, while protecting my ankles from rocks and (I hoped) mamba bites. Support was excellent for day-hiking loads up to 25 pounds. » Despite a soft EVA midsole, arch protection is good, thanks to a fiber insole and an excellent sock liner reinforced with a polyurethane shank. » Sharp-edged tread blocks afforded me great traction in soft dirt and sand. » My toes rejoiced in the generous wiggle room.

Hmmm . . .The sole squirmed too much for secure traction on steep slabs and boulders.

From Outside Magazine, April/May 2021 Lead Photo: Clay Ellis