Kestrel 32 pack
Kestrel 32 pack (courtesy, Osprey)

What’s the best present for under $150?

I need the perfect present for my boyfriend's birthday! He's a cyclocross racer, mountain biker, skier, rock climber, and camper, and loves all outdoor gear and tools. Any great ideas within the $150 range?? -Sara Las Vegas, NV

Kestrel 32 pack

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Hey! I like all those things, too! You missed my birthday, but Christmas is coming up!!

Kestrel 32 pack

Kestrel 32 pack Kestrel 32 pack

So here’s what I’d like. You can buy two of any of these things, so you’re boyfriend gets one, too:

  • MSR Reactor stove. Incredibly fast-boiling stove/pot combo that runs on canister fuel. OK, it’s $160, but you love us…I mean him…right?
  • Petzl Meteor III climbing helmet ($99). Cool and light, and a great way to protect our…his cranium from rock damage.
  • Black Diamond Sprinter Headlamp ($80). Powerful, 68-lumen headlamp specifically designed for running. The trails are dark around here—he and I both could use it! Rechargeable battery.
  • Osprey Kestrel 32 pack ($129). Excellent 2,000-cubic-inch-capacity pack that’s perfect for day hikes, climbing, even when on a mountain bike.
  • Silca Super Pista floor pump ($75). The perfect garage accessory for inflating bike tires,road or mountain.
  • REI Neo Jacket ($109). This soft shell is cut so we look good around town, but it sheds rain and wind, and has enough warmth for aerobic activities.
  • Outdoor Research Arete Gloves ($89). Modular gloves with Gore-Tex inserts. They’ll keep our hands warm and dry while skiing!

So there you go. I’m looking forward to being surprised!

From Outside Magazine, April/May 2021
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Lead Photo: courtesy, Osprey

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