The Mid-Weight Boot
The Mid-Weight Boot (courtesy, Limmer)

Who makes boots for freakishly big feet?

I have freakish feet. I a size 13 with AA width. I can't seem to find a boot that will fit. Any ideas? Bill Burlington, VT

The Mid-Weight Boot

Oy, that’s a tough one. Long, narrow feet may be the most difficult feet to fit.

The Mid-Weight Boot The Mid-Weight Boot

I just don’t think you are going to find anything on the shelf. Asolo, for instance, goes to size 14 in its Power Matic 200 GV ($270), but in wide. Same for Vasque, with its Wasatch ($190).

A few makers put out 13s in regular width. That would include Garmont with its Syncro Plus ($190), a solid, all-around backpacking boot. Or the Lowa Banff ($270), a really nice boot, with full-grain leather uppers and even leather liners. Very tough and sturdy.

So one option is to take a boot that doesn’t quite fit, and then make the best of it. A good boot-fitting shop, for instance, will have tongue pads—foam inserts that you put under the tongue to soak up extra space in that area. You also can try after-market insoles such as Superfeet ($35) in the high-volume model. These are designed to replace stock insoles, offer more comfort and support, and fill extra space inside the boot. With Superfeet at the bottom, and tongue pads above, you might be able to make a stock boot fit.

Otherwise, my friend, it’s custom for you. The gold standard here is the Limmer Mid-Weight ($300 in stock size—about twice that for custom), a superb, rugged leather boot.

From Outside Magazine, April/May 2021
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Lead Photo: courtesy, Limmer