The Light-Weight
The Light-Weight (courtesy, Limmer Boot, Inc.)

Who makes boots for freakishly large feet?

I have freakish feet. I a size 13 with AA width. I can't seem to find a boot that will fit. Any ideas? Bill Burlington, VT

The Light-Weight

Sure, I have an idea. Foot reconstruction.

The Light-Weight The Light-Weight

Cody, with all due respect, you can’t find boots because it is in NO boot-maker’s interest to make boots that fit one in 500,000 people. Size nine, normal width, is what boot makers want to make. Nice and normal, like me. Not boots for people with feet shaped like barrel staves.

I am afraid, therefore, that I see a pair of custom boots in your future. As it so happens, you are near one of the best: Limmer Boot, Inc., in Intervale, NH. They make beautiful, long-lasting boots in a variety of standard sizes (not, alas, 13 AA) and also make custom boots.

I’d recommend the Limmer Light-Weight, which despite the name is still heavier than most “heavy” boots out there. It has 2.8mm split leather uppers, with a leather liner. That will last you for decades. And it has easily replaced Vibram soles, a nylon shank, and other excellent features.

What will it cost you? About $625, plus a long wait. Worth it? Absolutely. You will have boots that FIT, and that will last at least three times as long as any $200 boot out there. So it is only a dollars and cents issue up front. Down the road, safe as houses.

From Outside Magazine, April/May 2021
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Lead Photo: courtesy, Limmer Boot, Inc.