Zamberlan 140 Paso - Light Hikers
(Mark Wiens)

Zamberlan 140 Paso – Light Hikers: Reviews

Zamberlan 140 Paso - Light Hikers
Marcus Woolf

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Testers didn’t want to take this shoe off, thanks to its blend of trail-worthy guts and low-key style. The sole’s balance of support and flexibility was perfect for speedy trail hiking. And while the rubber toe cap makes it look like other approach shoes, the Paso has a wider forefoot and roomier toe box. What you lose in scrambling agility the shoe makes up for in comfort and ankle support on long trail days. The leather-and-Cordura upper is cooler than it looks, because air circulates through the mesh lining.

Bonus: The triangle-shaped shoelace never requires recinching.

Bummer: The tongue keeper will prevent the narrow-footed from completely tightening the laces.

From Outside Magazine, April/May 2021 Lead Photo: Mark Wiens