The trail-ready BOB Revolution
The trail-ready BOB Revolution (Tim Tomkinson)

Jogging Stroller

The trail-ready BOB Revolution
The Editors

A stroller that allows parents to run and, theoretically, get their toddlers to nap. It was invented in 1983 by Phil Baechler when attempts to run while pushing his son, Travis, were thwarted by poor handling. He set about creating a high-performance alternative from metal tubes and bike parts. Early prototypes had two wheels and were frighteningly unstable, but Baechler soon hit on a three-wheeler that did the job. He launched Baby Jogger in 1984, and his first consumer model, released during the eighties jogging boom, was an instant hit. The category took another leap forward in the aughts when brands like BOB began manufacturing trail-ready strollers.

From Outside Magazine, August 2015 Lead Photo: Tim Tomkinson