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Gear: The sun is out and your favorite nordic trail beckons. Cinch up CamelBak’s new Day Trekker insulated waist-mounted hydration pack, toss in a couple of energy bars, and off you go. The padded waist belt and sturdy nylon construction keep a 45-ounce water bladder locked low on your hips, where it won’t throw off your form. $50; 800-767-8725;

Guide: Get off the Sydney strip, mate, and find the real Oz with Lonely Planet’s guide to Aboriginal Australia. Go walkabout in search of bush tucker, the Womadelaide indigenous music festival, and the thriving cultures of Australia’s original inhabitants. $20; 800-275-8555;

Toy: Pull a method air in your own living room with the Original Huck Doll, a five-inch bendable action figure equipped with interchangeable ski and snowboarding equipment. “Brought to you directly from the North Shore, Lake Tahoe,” claims the packaging, “by professional riders who like to huck.” $13; 530-581-3681;

From Outside Magazine, Jan 2002 Lead Photo: Clay Ellis

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