A ski made for the technical backcountry lines of the Rockies

The runner-up in the women’s all-mountain category is a universal crowd pleaser

A true frontside ski made for all levels of skiers to improve their carving prowess

A powder ski that floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee

This accessible all-mountain tool for ladies earned high marks in versatility and quickness

An approachable frontside ski perfect for groomer rippers who aren't afraid to play off-piste on the same ski

A no-nonsense ski for ladies who don’t shy away from big mountain lines

It’s not the lightest backcountry option out there, but if you’re plowing through backcountry crud, this is the ski you want underfoot

If it’s deep, this ski will float your boat

If you like playful powder planks (who doesn’t), check out this energetic ski

If you’re looking for a confidence-inspiring teaching tool to help you level up, give this ski a try

According to seasoned ski gear testers, these are the most functional and comfortable brain buckets of the year

These all-mountain skis have a little more underfoot, more rocker, and more fun in powder

It’s built for deep snow, but you’d be surprised by its versatility

This ski offers an impressive balance between flotation and power

Super-stable planks for strong skiers who know how to steer a ski

A ski that likes to stay on-piste for skiers who like to do the same

This new addition to the all-mountain category impressed with its balance of skills

The runner-up in the women’s powder category is a force to be reckoned with

These narrower sticks may have a penchant for carving, but they also like to play in the bumps

Featuring tech inserts, rubber soles, and hike-modes with plenty of range of motion, these boots make short work of long, uphill slogs

We had ten testers with 96 Birkie finishes help us identify the top-performing skate and classic skis for all disciplines and ability levels

Allow us to introduce you to this scrappy brand and its supremely fun all-mountain ski

Truly a ski for everyone, in all conditions, wherever you ski

Glen Plake’s first ever signature model is a backcountry tool that skis like Glen Pake

This fast and light backcountry ski doesn’t skimp on downhill performance

It’s not a backcountry powder plank, but it sure is quick in steep, technical terrain

Not just for carving, this all-mountain ski can do it all

These skis are party in the front, business underfoot, and designed to charge the whole mountain

This quick and reliable backcountry ski for ladies gets the job done on all but the deepest of days

When the fluff turns to crud, this is the ski you want underfoot

This year’s category winner makes everyone who skis it feel like a star

A lightweight free-touring ski with a moderate waist, the Escaper W 97 Nano is a versatile backcountry ski for ladies who charge no matter the conditions

We challenge you to find a more playful and responsive backcountry ski than this

A tried and true favorite that delivers in crud

This ski was voted the most playful ski among this year’s crop of women’s all-mountain skis

Power and precision are the name of the game with this tried and true favorite

Mountain bike technology is always evolving—but it is all in the right direction?

Bryan Rogala gets a tour of the AEON-RV at Overland Expo West

Bryan Rogala shares his thoughts on the SkinnyGuy truck camper, which he reviewed for this year’s Gear Guide

Bryan Rogala gets a tour of the TetonX Hybrid Trailer at Overland Expo West

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Whether you’re hiking or heading to the beach, these six items will keep you protected from UV rays

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Nuyarn is the natural fabric heavy sweaters have been waiting for

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A complete list of everything the new record holder carried and wore

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A product of obsessive attention to detail, these new water jugs and faucet reinvent water storage for the outdoors

Two hikers go head to head on the best carryall for a walk in the woods

You’ll be shocked to hear we were outside

Rivendell Bicycle Works built a loyal following by ignoring convention. But what happens when good intentions spark public outrage in a country divided?

One man’s quixotic journey into vehicle safety for dogs

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Protecting your head is serious business, but unless you’re knowledgable about the technical specs that differentiate helmets, it can be hard to know exactly what you need out side of the general buckets of road, gravel, and mountain biking. Thankfully Specialized makes it easy find the right helmet…

Hatchets, saws, and axes have a place—and it’s not in the backcountry

By repurposing scrap materials into gear, employing resettled refugees, and partnering with leading brands, Adiff is modeling a more sustainable textile industry

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How to turn unexpected problems into easy solutions the next time you go off-grid

How a satellite communicator helps me tamp down panic in the wilderness

An unscientific journey to test Spy's new Discord shades

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For queer Canadian runner Gabriela DeBues-Stafford, success is about leaving it all on the track

Making a net-positive impact as a company selling stuff is hard. These businesses stand out for their design innovation, social and political action, and meaningful sustainability commitments.

Where did the brand known for its huge, cushy soles come from—and how did they get on the feet of Britney Spears?

Using vintage vibes, natural fibers, and old-school designs, this Salt Lake City–based manufacturer has inspired a devoted user base—and Instagram fans—all over the world

There’s thinking outside the box, and then there’s using the box to create something entirely new. That’s the kind of innovation Nicole McLaughlin puts into her work.

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