Pan-Optx Sunglasses

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Hardware and Software, February 1997

Pan-Optx Sunglasses
By Sarah Bowen Shea

Glasses or goggles? The new Pan-Optx Raptor ($105; 800-393-9273), makes moot the vexing question of how best to protect your eyes on piste. In fact, these sunglasses–designed with peripheral molding that snugly fits frame to face–possess a versatility that takes them well beyond the ski slopes.

For starters, the Raptor has goggle-like foam gaskets that seal out trail detritus and contact-lens-parching wind. Yet the Raptor won’t fog like conventional shades, thanks to double-pane polycarbonate lenses, an antifog coating, and six screened airholes that vent moisture without letting in crud. Plus, they fit easily under a bike helmet; while huffing up an endless goat
trail, I noticed only a smudge of fog on one lens–a far cry better than my usual steam-up job.

Ventilation aside, the Raptor has everything you’d expect in high-quality sport shades. The outer mirrored amber lenses feature scratch-resistant surfaces to ward off the unwanted advances of stray branches while blocking 99.7 of UVA and 99.9 percent of UVB rays. Adjustable earpieces ensure a snug fit: Click them forward on hair-raising descents or slide them back when you’re
cruising around town. And despite the Raptor’s functionality, you won’t be mistaken for a ninth-grade biology student on the lam from the lab.

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