Our first runs reveal that the Flow Velociti Elite coddles the foot and delivers a fast, easy-striding ride

Craft’s CTM Ultra Carbon 2 brings bouncy, high-stack, carbon-plated responsiveness to dirt-road training and racing

The upstart brand with the wide, comfy toe box, balanced ride, and loyal following had its start in a toaster oven

Nuyarn is the natural fabric heavy sweaters have been waiting for

Reebok’s Floatride Energy 4 Adventure delivers a road-shoe ride with just enough toughness for dirt

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For queer Canadian runner Gabriela DeBues-Stafford, success is about leaving it all on the track

Where did the brand known for its huge, cushy soles come from—and how did they get on the feet of Britney Spears?

The Specter is a speedy super-foam trainer that supports your stance and lets your feet engage

Our first impressions say the new Tempus delivers on its promise to help guide and support, while losing none of its light, responsive, super-foam-powered ride

Beware of these warning signs that indicate it’s time to get new kicks. Plus, use these expert tips to extend the life of your trail runners.

This shoe brings carbon-plated speed to the masses

Blisters are history with this snug, no-slip pair

Don’t be afraid to sweat it out in these running pieces

Carryall solutions for every kind of run

There’s a lot more to these bottoms than meets the eye

Don’t be afraid to sweat it out in these running pieces

For most of their history, running shoes have been marketed and sold for their ability to reduce injury. That has changed.

When you’re covering 145 miles through the Alps, every gram counts

Our first impressions put it right up there with the best offerings from this beloved purveyor of cushy runners

Our trail shoemeliers pick the best off-road running models to pair with each trail surface

From route creation and trail research to offline data access, Gaia GPS helps runners of every level achieve safer trips

Advanced road racers, trail super shoes, and adaptable carbon fiber are some of the promises of the coming year

The energy bars and hydration mixes our editors swear by, on sale at Backcountry

The Native Land Territories map on Gaia GPS shows users the Indigenous land they’re on and includes information about the area's past and present

We only have space for seven shoes in our print magazine, but there are a few others you should know about, too

This kit will get you out the door even on cold days

This year’s fastest kicks for every kind of terrain

It’s one of the lightest, thinnest adventure-sport watches on the market. Here’s what our editor thought.

At this distance, you have to be confident in your kit

These models will help you push your speed limits

The Finnish watch company recently announced its thinnest, lightest model to date. We got an advanced sample.

Your hydration needs are as unique as your training schedule. Here are four picks for every kind of run.

With the right preparation you can sneak out the door for a 30-minute workout at any time

Kicks for getting faster, from race day to recovery jog

Cool clothing for quick laps and high-mileage days

Cool clothing for quick laps and high-mileage days

Top-notch gear for wrangling singletrack adventures

She started her career in fashion, and didn't start running until she was 20. Now she crafts women's athletic apparel.

I started running with Ultimate Direction’s Vesta packs in 2017, and I’ve never found a better way to carry my fuel, water, and extra layers on long adventures

Exercising when it's cold can feel tougher than usual. This gear makes it more doable.

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The combination of a training plan and recovery monitoring from the WHOOP fitness tracker led runners to their best 5Ks—while reducing injury risk

The brand's ethos signals a departure from an apparel industry that has been dominated by giant shoe companies. But can it stay true to the soul of the sport?

This face covering is good for both all-day wear and working out

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We've never needed running as much as we did this year

If you’re in need of new tires, you’re in luck. From now until December 4, save 25 percent on Salomon footwear as part of the brand’s Black Friday footwear sale. Exclude Advanced, S/LAB, and Forces shoes.

Help them keep their streak alive through winter with these gifts designed to keep them warm, safe, and inspired…

A socially distant competition can be just the right amount of motivation

Faster splits and higher summits are just around the corner

Nasty weather shouldn't stop you from getting your run in. Here's what kept our testers warm and comfortable.

The popular running lids can't always take the heat. These are the exceptions.

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With the new Bose Frames Tempo sunglasses, you can listen to both your favorite music and your surroundings—all without sticking anything in your ear

The search for the perfect jogging top has led us here

While spending months in quarantine, my daily run has become my salvation. Here are a handful of accessories that help me make the most of those miles.

Swiss footwear company On Running is betting on it

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If done right, virtual races can be both more rewarding and more fun than you might think

I've tried to carry water in every way imaginable. I think this piece of gear works best.

If it's not on, you better make sure you have it ready to go in a split second

The right tether won't just make your pup happier—it'll make you happier, too

Running is simple, but the basics are important

Kicks to sustain your toughest blacktop efforts

Gear so light and comfortable, you’ll PR on your morning jog

Logging miles in brutal conditions? Be sure and replace what you sweat out.

Jessica Rogers and her team make some of our favorite trail-running gear

Grip and support on any dirt, at any distance

Score the best running apparel and equipment we’ve reviewed at REI’s biggest sale of the year…

Our team of six testers covered over 1,000 miles to determine the best hydration packs

You can still get outside and go for a long, isolated jog. Here's how to layer right.

Dad knees and an aging body changed my mind about Hokas

The outlandish-looking trail model is designed to enhance stability. Here's how it stacks up.

From wind-resistant undies to traction devices, build a kit to brave the cold this season

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Thanks to an integrated microchip, Under Armour’s new HOVR smart shoes allow you to track your stats—without carrying another device

What you need to treat blisters—and prevent them from happening in the first place

Spry and responsive foul-weather trainers for road and trail